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I have an idea!

Hello World! My name is Zach Goldberg, a Syracuse University Freshman Honors Student and Coronat Scholar. I’m currently studying Economics Policy Studies, and Energy and its Impacts, all in the College of Arts and Sciences/Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. I’m looking for ways to make change a change in this world, starting by creating a place to share what’s being done to improve sustainability on SU’s campus, in New York State, throughout the country, and all over the world. (For more information on the blog itself, click here.)

I look at sustainability as something that can be easily integrated into your daily life – it shouldn’t have to interfere. More importantly, sustainability should be a win-win situation for everyone: It should help the environment, help society, and most importantly, help you! Want to know more about my views on sustainability? Check out my Sustainability Manifesto.

On campus, I’m super-involved with sustainability. I’m an intern for the Syracuse University Sustainability Division (a part of ESSM), President and Founder of SU Eco-Reps, and a founding member of SU TWIST (Together We Initiate Sustainability Today) (Now merged into Eco-Reps).

Personally, I’m a learner. I look for opportunities to learn everywhere I go and in everything I do. Actually, one of the reasons I started this blog was to encourage myself to keep learning about sustainability, and to share what I learn with others.

Apart from my love of sustainability, I’ve got a few other passions. I’ve been a competitive swimmer since the age of 7, and though I no longer compete, I give back by lifeguarding and coaching and teaching others. I’m a musician, trained on stand-up bass and bass guitar, and self-taught on guitar. I spend much of my free time (that is, when I’m not blogging) playing, listening to, or writing music. I’m a social media buff, using everything from Facebook to Instagram to TipTap.

As for my life at SU, I’m a proud brother and re-founding father of Phi Delta Theta, as well as an Executive Board member for our Hillel Jewish Student Union. I spend much of my remaining time as a Dean’s Team peer advisor, and a member of U100 University tour guides.

Want to get in touch? Here’s how:

Follow on Twitter: @Green_in_Orange

Talking about this blog? #Greeninorange

Want to know more about me? Check me out on LinkedIn or check me out in the news.

Questions? Comments? Tweet at me or email Zrgoldbe@syr.edu


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  • misscorinne says:

    Hi! I nominated Green in a Sea of Orange for a Liebster blog award. I’m not sure if you’re still actively blogging, but I wanted to spread the blog-love nonetheless! Check out my new blog for more details (I used to blog at F that S at wordpress).

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