About Sustainability

Wikipedia, the go-to source for everything, defines sustainability as: “…the capacity to endure through renewal, maintenance, and sustenance, or nourishment, in contrast to durability, the capacity to endure through unchanging resistance to change.” Sustainability is much more than that, however. Sustainability is leaving something for the next generation. It’s for making to world better for the next generation. It’s about using our resources wisely. It’s about reusing, reducing, and recycling. It’s about preservation, and conservation, and preventing deforestation. It probably isn’t about defenestration.

Sustainability covers ever aspect of our lives. Our government needs to be sustainable. So does our economy. Our relationships and our lives must be sustainable as well. We need establish our place in the world. We need to establish a world that’s able to live on past our own time.

To quote the famous Athenian Oath: “I will strive in all ways to transmit this city, to those who may follow after, not only not less, but greater than it was transmitted to me.” I urge you all to take this oath. Transmit this world to those who will follow us better than it was transmitted to us. Let there be a world for our children.


What do you think?

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