Burn, Baby, Burn!

June 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Campfires: A summer evening classic. What could be better than settling down in front of a roaring bonfire, with a few friends, maybe a few drinks, and of course, so marshmallows ripe for roasting? Hanging outside by the fire is a great way to save energy and get yourself out of the house at night, and as a whole isn’t terrible for the environment. However, as with everything in life, there are always ways to do better. Here are a few tips to help keep your fire eco-friendly:

  1. Go green, don’t use green. Green things – leaves, plants, twigs – cause a ton of smoke. In order to minimize your CO2 emissions, keeping smoke down is key. Sticks from live trees are among some other causes of high smoking fires.
  2. Don’t burn your trash. More than likely, your fire is accompanying something else – a cookout, a party, etc. Make sure that the trash from your other activities doesn’t join the fire.
  3. Choose your fuel wisely. While they may be super quick, easy, and effective, things like lighter fluid, kerosene, and Duraflame logs are not necessarily the best choices in regards to the environment. All of these things are chock full of environmentally damaging chemicals that aren’t too good for your body either. Try something more natural instead, like these entirely natural starter logs: All-Natural Starter Logs
  4. Know where your wood is from. Try to avoid treated woods, like plywood and lumber, which contains chemicals to preserve it. Burning wood like this presents environmental and health hazards.
  5. Work for your wood. Don’t be lazy. Putting a little effort into finding your wood can make all the difference. Why purchase wood from a store (where you don’t know if it was sustainably collected or not) when you could get it for free? One idea, provided by my camping-expert neighbor, is to search the streets for people who have chopped down trees. Other methods, if you’re in or near the woods, is to simply pick it up off the ground.

Want more tips? Check out this page from Care2 for more tips!


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