Recycled Mollys: You Are What You Drink

April 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

You are what you drink!

One of the Mollys in late stages of construction.

Hey SU Students! Have you been by Schine and Newhouse this week? Wondering what those statues are you’ve seen or heard about? Well, they’re called Recycled Mollys, and there here to take back the tap. The display, designed and created by the Sustainability Division here at SU, is based off similar projects at other schools. Here, however, it was decided to focus on the dangers of bottled water. The statues, which are sustainable plastic molds of people, are filled with water bottles to show the campus how many bottles we each waste. Surrounding the Mollys, and being held by them, are signs denoting a wide variety of water bottle facts – how much oil, water, energy, etc is wasted each year to make them, and more.

One of the most striking facts, due in part to the actual composition of the Mollys, is about the health effects of bottled water. Many people assume that bottled water, since its processed, is probably regulated pretty well, right? Wrong. Actually, tap water is significantly more regulated, and doesn’t contain all of the preservatives and taste-changing chemicals that bottled water does. When you look at these statues, wondering why they’re filled with water bottles, remember that if you don’t drink tap, this is what you might as well look like.


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