HP, WWF, Lorax Team Up to Help Environment

March 5, 2012 § 5 Comments

The Lorax

The original picture book!

The Lorax. You almost certainly read it as a child, and if you didn’t, stop reading this and go fix that. The children’s book by Dr. Seuss is a tale of environmental peril, starring a helpless young boy who learns from the Once-Ler about how he ignored the advice of the Lorax, a small orange creature who cares for the environment, and thereby ruined everything – he destroyed a forrest, forced the creatures living there to leave, and bankrupted his own business. It’s the ultimate introduction for a child to the dangers of industrialization. With a movie version released just this past Friday, its message is becoming more widely spread than ever.

As a companion to the movie, HP has teamed up the World Wildlife Foundation to create an interactive Facebook to bring the environmental sustainability encouraged by The Lorax into real life. Through a series of interactive games, users can earn “badges” which can earn actual money from HP, to be donated to the WWF. The challenges themselves are sustainability related – they range from trivia questions about environmental facts and figures, to pledges to make certain sustainable changes, like turning off faucets or reusing water bottles, or even making tin-can flowerpots. Of course, there’s also facts specific to HP and WWF’s environmental efforts as well. Completing this challenges also grows your Truffula Tree, assumed to be that very same last seed provided to the boy by the Once-Ler at the end of the book.

The main screen is bordered by a bunch of other relevant links – to HP’s sustainability site, advertising their new motto, “Every inkling makes a difference” and to the WWF and other environmental sites – as well as various additional facts, and lastly some sustainable printing tips. Overall, the site is an great way to get the young or uninterested to learn and interact with sustainable practices. Check it out!!


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§ 5 Responses to HP, WWF, Lorax Team Up to Help Environment

  • Concerned Environmentalist says:

    I’ll have to completely, and wholeheartedly, disagree with you. Dr. Seuss would certainly not be pleased with this movie. Millions of dollars have been poured into partnerships, products, etc., surrounding the film by companies that merely want consumers to think that they give a damn about the environment, but they’re honeslty just trying to make money. Take the “Trufulla Approved” Mazda SUV. I can’t believe anyone (especially an environmentalist) would honestly consider an SUV to be environmentally friendly, even if its fuel economy is marginally better than most.

    While this version of the Lorax may raise some awareness of environmental challenges among youth, Hollywood has proved time and time again that this is simply not the case. And while it might seem nice that HP will be donating some cash to the WWF, HP’s environmental record is sketchy as a whole.

    I’m boycotting the Lorax, and you should too. Just do a quick Google search for “boycott Lorax” to find some real facts. Sorry.

    • First of all, let me clarify that I was in no way, shape, or form attempting to promote the movie at all. I merely aimed to point out a clever and inventive new way to engage people with sustainability, an act which I personally believe should be commended. If you were to read more of my blog, especially my Manifesto, you would understand that there is nothing wrong with making money off of sustainability – why not have a great incentive? Now, I understand completely the concerns you express in regards to the true motives of the groups involved, as there have definitely been situations in the past that give cause for alarm. However, any step in the right direction should be commended. If we keep asserting that all attempts by large corporations to improve their sustainability are false (i.e. insincere or solely for profit), then they have no motivation to continue to do so. Lastly, I vehemently disagree with your boycott of the movie as a whole. The idea that a movie of such widespread, mainstream appeal (and especially appeal to children) that directly tackles environmental and sustainability issues should be celebrated! As a movie, its motives are pure – take it out of the commercial context, if you so wish. But admire it for its message and what it is trying to do!

      • Concerned Environmentalist says:

        Fair points. I think we can all agree that I think we can all welcome any large company’s attempts to take a step in the right direction.

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