What’s New @ SU: Bottle Filling Stations

February 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

In the past few weeks, there has been an explosion of sustainable improvements at Syracuse University, empirically proving how small changes can make a huge impact. In the past couple weeks, a few small changes have made a huge difference on campus. Recently, water bottle filling stations have been put into Schine Student Center and Bird Library.

These filling stations are a bigger deal than one may realize. Up until they were put in, there was only one filling station on campus, in Archbold Gymnasium. With these stations installed, it is now significantly more convenient for students on campus to live a sustainable lifestyle by switching over to reusable bottles and ending their use of plastic bottles. Not sure why plastic bottles are a problem? Check out this old post.

In case you were wondering:

  • Why Bird and Schine? These are two of the most highly trafficked areas on campus. It just makes sense to put these filling stations in the areas where people are most likely to use them. The station in Bird has had especially high traffic because many students have taken to the idea of being able to refill their bottles instead of hurting the environment and their wallet every time they’re thirsty during study sessions.
  • Why not just use a water fountain? First of all, think about it: Isn’t it always a royal pain to try and fill a water bottle from a water fountain? Just in terms of plain convenience , the bottle filling stations, which shoot the water straight down into your bottle, are significantly better and more efficient. Additionally, they are significantly more sanitary, since the water is filled from a different nozzle that no one drinks from!

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