5 Tips for a Sustainable Super Bowl Party

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sunday is perhaps the biggest, most important day of the year – The Super Bowl. The NY Giants and NE Patriots will be dueling it out in vicious rematch of 2008’s memorable Giants upset of the undefeated Patriots. But there’s another battle that will be fought at the same time. Across the nation, millions of Americans will host or attend parties to watch and enjoy the game, and in doing so will create mountains of waste, tons of CO2 emissions, and will use plenty of water and energy. So what can you do to make sure that even if your favorite team loses, the environment will still win?

  1. Reduce. Order things like chips and catered food in bulk. One larger package creates significantly less waste than a bunch of smaller ones. Of course, don’t over order either, because no one wants food to go to waste. If you do have food leftover, however, look online to find the local organization nearest to you that’s doing the yearly collection of Super Bowl leftovers to bring to the needy (Its a real thing, trust me).
  2. Reuse. Be conscious of what you serve your food in. Tins for wings and other catered foods can be rinsed and reused. Take those snacks you bought in bulk and serve them in reusable plastic bowls. Try to avoid paper plates and cups (unless of course they’re compostable types) and serve on reusable dishes instead. Don’t want your fine china and crystal covered in buffalo sauce and blue cheese? Invest in some washable plastic plates and cups – they’re pretty cheep and will save you and the environment tons in the long run.
  3. Recycle. What goes best with football? Beer of course! Canned or bottled, make sure you recycle the containers! Having a more family-friendly party? Take your soda/juice bottles and cans, and recycle those too. Most states will also give you a rebate for cans and bottles, so make sure to bring them to your local reverse-vending center for some extra cash back.
  4. Compost. You might think that it’s too cold to be composting, but no matter which groundhog you believe, Spring is on its way. Help reduce the waste from your party by composting uneaten vegetables, fruits, nuts, and food scrap. In addition, try to find plates and cups without plastic coatings, and silverware made from corn-based products – that way, everything you use is compostable! Need some tips on keeping that compost going in the winter? Check out this article.
  5. Save Energy. Turn down the heat during your party. When you mix body heat from the crowd that has invaded your home,with jumping and cheering for a favorite team and sweating nervously while you pray the kicker doesn’t pull a Cundiff, douse it in plenty of beer and top it off with just a hint of hot sauce, there’s a pretty good chance that no one will really mind having the thermostat set a few degrees lower.
Want more information on Super Bowl sustainability efforts? Check out this post.

Oh, and one more thing. GO GIANTS!!!


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