Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Go Green!

January 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ready for tonight’s NFL Pro Bowl 2012? Well what’s nice to know, is that as a little bit of a bonus, this year’s Pro Bowl (and next week’s Super Bowl) is going green! Green Mountain Energy will be providing both of them with clean, green energy. In addition, they will also be providing offset certificates to cover some of the rest of the carbon emissions from the game.

Ever wonder what kind of things cause all these “CO2 Emissions?” Check it out:

  • Air Travel for all players, coaches, staff, etc.
  • Car/Bus travel for stadium personnel,vendors, media, and fans
  • Stadium operations – cooking, heating, cleaning, etc.
  • Electricity and heating, etc. used in the homes of those watching
  • Much more.

So what are companies like Green Mountain Energy doing to counteract these emissions? Besides providing offsets – which basically are reductions made by the company in order to balance what the games are emitting- they’re starting other environmental programs in the cities where these games take place, including urban tree planting and donating solar panels.

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