Why New Jersey Doesn’t Stink

January 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

I am a New Yorker, born and raised, so obviously I was taught from a very early age that “Jersey Stinks” – literally and metaphorically. However, I must tell you that “the Garden State” really does seem to live up to its name. I spent New Years Even with some friends in Jersey, and I was truly impressed by what I saw.

On my drive down, I discovered something quite amazing. On almost every telephone pole, street lamp, etc., there was a solar panel.

Street Solar Panel in Bergen County

Why are these panels there? New Jersey has a ten-year plan to eventually get 23% of their energy from clean, renewable sources. An admirable, if not a slightly ambitious goal, though quite possible. Other states should take a look at Jersey’s progress and design similar programs.

How doe Jersey-ites feel about these panels? There’s been some dissent from some suburban residents, but nothing too bad. They find that the panels are “hideous” and often incorrectly claim that they are ineffective when spread out (it makes no difference) (via PopSci). Overall it seems, however, that most residents appreciate the attempt for cleaner, greener energy.

For more info on NJ’s plans for green energy and the environment, check out this website.

Have thoughts on these panels? Comment below!


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§ One Response to Why New Jersey Doesn’t Stink

  • renewableenergys says:

    Almost any attempt to provide a clean energy source should be appreciated. And yes other states should take a lesson from NJ. and develope a similar program, Go Jersey! Harry.

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