Whose Problem? Part 5: International Bodies

December 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

So hopefully you’ve been keeping up with this series of posts. If not, check out Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. Today’s installment will be formatted a little differently. I’m going to take a look at a few different organizations and examine how they could play into the fight for a sustainable world. This is all in anticipation of Sunday’s post, in which I will reveal my suggestions on how we should and shouldn’t approach sustainability.

So here it is:

The UN

While oftentimes UN resolutions are more so ceremonial and symbolic, international climate change conferences and resolutions on the environment do make headway in creating a sustainable world. If the UN can take a stronger stance on environmental issues, and increases the reputability of and adherence to their decisions, then they can play a very important role in this process.


The WTO tends to pull a little more weight in the world in terms of actually making things happen. Since the WTO has more direct effect on and power over corporations, perhaps they are the right organization to start the real fight for sustainability.


While technically a part of the UN, the United Nations Environmental Program tends to solve its problems pretty successfully. As a well respected environmental organization, UNEP has a lot of power to help out here.


The International Renewable Energy Agency, while only having been founded in 2009, is an up and coming organization that should be expected to become a huge player in years to come. Since renewable energy is a major factor in global sustainability, IRENA is going to be key to a sustainable future.

While by no means is this a complete list, these four organizations will play key roles in Sunday’s post, and the future before us. Additionally, most other environmental organizations either defer to, or are in fact just subsidiaries or executive organizations of the above organizations.

Check in on Sunday for the conclusion!


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