Whose Problem? Part 3: The Individual

December 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

3rd Part in the series.

Today’s topic: The Individual. Is it their problem?

Why it is.

Individuals care about the environment, and take matters into their own hands. Many activists, though a relatively small part of the overall population, make their lives as sustainable as possible, often going vegetarian or vegan and giving up other worldly, less-than-sustainable possessions. Others, a similarly small part, consciously make sustainable decisions when they can.

Why it should be.

When our planet is no longer able to be inhabited, who will suffer? Individuals. Governments, businesses, etc. do not need the planet to survive in order to exist. However, individuals do.

More so, its easy! It takes only a few extra seconds a day to recycle, or to establish other more sustainable practices, such as turning of the water sooner, or remembering to shut the lights.

Why it isn’t.

Laziness. Convenience. Apathy. Basically, people seem to have the mindset that “It’s not my problem” and that “someone else will take care of it” or worse, “I can’t make a difference alone.” The presence of these mindsets prevents people from making it their problem.

Why it shouldn’t be.

Not everybody truly knows what the best thing for the environment is. On their own, we cannot necessarily trust most people to make the best decisions.


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