Staying Sustainable During Finals Week

December 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well it’s that time of the semester again. Finals week! Hope y’all have been studying hard – and if not get to it! And of course, for those of you who need that much-appreciated distraction, here’s something for you:

When finals roll around, it seems like almost everything else becomes less important, and even seemingly less feasible. However, you can still live a sustainable lifestyle on two hours of sleep and four cups of coffee – and here’s how:

  1. Sustainable Snacks. Of course, everyone loves the college staples – ramen, pizza, chips, cookies – but why not make your snack better for you and better for your environment? Try replacing that junk food with an apple, or carrots and celery – they’re healthier, they make less noise, and there’s no wrappers to add to a landfill.
  2. Use Your Own Mug. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up when a physics equation keeps them up until 3 am or while pulling an all-nighter to finish that paper due at 10 am. Heck, the library here at SU even has its own coffee-shop right inside! But do the sustainable thing – make your own coffee and put it in a reusable mug to bring with you. It holds more, and costs less. You’ll save money, time, and won’t have to throw out cup after cup. (Same things applies to water bottles – get a reusable one!)
  3. Use Eco-Friendly Bulbs. Studying in your dorm, your apartment, or at home? Make sure you’re using eco-friendly bulbs. They’re easy to find – part of the packaging is usually green or has plant-shapes on it. They’re more than just good for the environment too – they’re more energy-efficient, so they save you money too!
  4. Save Paper. Rewriting your notes? Making notecards or outlines? Don’t use new paper if you can avoid it. Type your notes instead of writing them again – it will still serve the same purpose. Need to make notecards? Look online for sites like Quizlet to make online notecards. No computer access? Reuse your old papers (i.e. old worksheets, early drafts of papers, etc) and write on the back of them, or cut them up to make your flashcards.
  5. Smile. It takes more energy to frown than to smile, so as always, choose to conserve energy. Besides, studies show that you’re more likely to be productive when you’re in a good mood, so relax and stay positive!

Have your own tips? Let me know!


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