You Go Girls!

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you look at the major environmental organizations in this country, you’ll notice something interesting. There is a higher percentage of female executives than in almost any other public-interest field. In honor of these awesome ladies, here are some quick profiles of 3 of them:

Lisa P. Jackson, EPA Administrator: Raised in New Orleans and graduating from Tulane before a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Princeton, Jackson knows what environmentalism truly means. Jackson got her start with the EPA in Region 2 (NY area) and once she became the national Administrator immediately got to work using her knowledge as a scientist to reform chemical management. She later revolutionized the economic benefits of green policy, and re-alerted the world to the dangers of greenhouse gasses. Of course, she may very well go down in history for her quick and effective response to the BP oil spill.

Cindy Kang, Executive Director of Green Corps: Head officer of Green Corps, a post-graduate environmental activism training program. A Green Corps graduate herself from 2000, after her 1999 Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from Yale, now Kang works to train over 200 new Green Corps graduates a year!

Frances Beinecke, President of the NRDC: As President of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Beinecke has culminated her 30+ year career with the organization with her time as President, a position to which she was Promoted in 2006. Beinecke has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Yale, and continues her involvement with the University today by serving on various committees and boards. Her countless awards include the prestigious Rachel Carson award and the Robert Marshall award. Her work as President of the NRDC has pointed the organization towards a focus on clean, green energy; protecting our water supply, our coasts, and our oceans; and protecting wildlife and their habitats. She has doubled the NRDC’s working staff to over 400 employees, and was appointed by President Obama to the commission on the BP oil spill.

Know of more awesome women working to save our planet? Tell us about them!


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