5 Cool Recyclable Gifts!

December 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Need a quick, cheap, creative Christmas or Hanukkah gift? Try one of these cool ideas using recoiled materials!

1. Recycled Glass Cup 

2. Pantyhose Necklace

3. Blue Jeans Wallet

4. Pop Tab Jewlery

5. Deconstructed T-Shirt Scarf

Need to wrap that gift?

Maybe you don’t need a gift, but just a tree?

Have ideas or suggestions of your own? Let me know!


§ 2 Responses to 5 Cool Recyclable Gifts!

  • […] Buy natural. Artificial trees, though they last for a long time, end up wasting space in our nation’s landfills when we’re done with them. Buying real trees, though a bit more expensive, helps the environment a heck of a lot. Real trees can be recycled or will decompose naturally, and since they’re grown in all 50 states, they save a lot of energy and CO2 emissions when compared to artificial ones, which are imported from halfway ’round the world. Want more info? Check out F that S, a green blog just like mine. Need some last minute gifts? Check out these environmentally friendly and sustainable ideas! […]

  • […] a quick list of tips about what to do to make sustainable uses of all types of leftovers from Christmas! (or for my people, the still-continuing […]

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