5 Recycling Tips

November 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

5 Quick Tips to Weaving Recycling Into Your Life:

  1. Get informed. Find out the regulations for your county or town. Are you single stream or dual stream? When does recycling get picked up? Can all plastics be recycled? Knowledge is power, so make yourself a powerhouse for recycling.
  2. Start small. Why not start with one item – water bottles, or soda cans perhaps? Then, once you’ve made that a routine, build up to more recyclables.

    Plastic bottles in the back of a pickup truck,...

    You don't have to start with all of this!

  3. Tell your friends and family. If they’re doing it, you’ll be more likely to do it too. It’ll just start feeling natural.
  4. Make it fun. Compete with your friends, start a school wide competition, or save your bottles and cans to make cool art like this.
  5. Profit from it. Bring your bottles and cans to your local recycling center or supermarket and return them for a 5 cent deposit refund. The cash will add up, and who doesn’t love some extra cash?

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