America Recycles Day!

November 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

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Happy America Recycles Day everyone!

Don’t know what today’s about? Of course, you can figure it out by the title – a day to recycle, right? Well that’s just barely scratching the surface. Since 1997, Keep America Beautiful has been putting together the only nationally recognized recycling advocacy day. What I find most appealing about the concept, however, is that unlike one would expect, it doesn’t put the focus on the idea of “recycle today!” but instead encourages citizens to take the pledge to recycle one new item, starting within the next month. So basically, a day that encourages environmental sustainability is working to get people involved in a sustainable way – I see nothing wrong with that.

So what can you pledge to recycle? I pledged to recycle water bottles – I already do, but I want to makes sure every bottle I see gets recycled. You can also pledge to recycle cans, glass, plastic bags, cell phones – the list goes on and on and on.

Don’t know where to recycle? Check out this page from to find recycling centers near you.

Of course, don’t forget that every town or county may have its own regulations as to what can and cannot be recycled. For instance, in my home county (Nassau County, NY! Go Long Island!) I can recycle all paper, aluminum, glass, and any plastic with a Resin Identification Code on it, and all of this can go into the same can that gets put out on the curb. However, in Onondaga County, where I attend school at Syracuse University (one of the greatest and greenest schools of all time!) I can recycle paper, aluminum and glass, but in terms of plastics only those labeled #1 or 2, or #5 tubs; additionally, Onondaga County is dual stream, so rather than my single-stream system at home, paper and cardboard must be separated from everything else.

Not sure what your town’s regulations are? Check out this page on the EPA site, and just find your hometown to figure out how to recycle in your area!

Any questions? Comment or drop me an email at

Go Green!


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